Wedding couple at table filmed by wedding videographer

Fun Ways To Have Wedding Couple Kiss At Reception

Clink, clink, clink, clink!  You have heard it – the tradition of wedding guests clinking on glasses at the reception dinner to get the newlyweds to kiss.   But some traditions can and have changed.  Years of filming wedding video has provided me a chance to observe some fun options to this tradition.  

How and When To Announce “No Clicking For A Kiss”

Timing the announcement  to the “first glass clinking” works best.  The attention of all guests will be on  the head table at this time.  The Maid-of-Honor, Best Man, or even the DJ can let everyone know that there will be a different way to get the bride and groom to kiss.  Usually the bride makes the plan in advance.  Other times I have seen the Maid-of-Honor or Best Man rise up to surprise the newlyweds with the plan.

Entertaining Ways To Get The Couple To Kiss

  • Telling a short story about the bride, the groom or about both

I enjoyed this at one of the first weddings that I professionally filmed.  Family and close friends shared stories that ranged from humorous to complementary.  While speeches and toasts also can allow for some of these stories and comments,  the floor and mic are open to a wider range of guest  speakers here.  Spontaneity adds to the fun.  

  • Sing a part of a song with the word “Love”

There are more songs with the word “love” than any one person can know or even remember.  Usually the guests will be asked to come up and sing part of a song which nobody else has already sung.  Double the fun for guests results.  Guest coming up with song ideas and then encouraging potential singers at the  table to get up and sing can be fun for those involved. Then everyone gets entertained by the resulting performance done in front of the head table.  Solo singers or groups will be singing.

  • Request Another Couple to Kiss Before or Even Instead of the Bride and Groom Kissing

The guest making the request comes forward and names the couple that is being asked to stand and kiss.   The couple can be young or old,  married, engaged, or just friends.  I have seen this option happen where there was a payback relay where the requestor was then requested – back and forth several times for the amusement of all guests.  After their first kiss the bride and groom can  limit the kissing to other couples if they wish.

  • Playing a Game Like Cornhole

Besides becoming a popular way to occupy kids at receptions, a  bean bag tossed into a cornhole can be required for a kiss.  Guests  get to enjoy watching tossing expertise or lack thereof.  A helping hand after several unsuccessful tosses is usually allowed.  The popularity of cornhole makes it a winning idea.

    I hope some of these suggestions  help inspire your own ideas.  There is actually only one wedding tradition which should be absolute.  Weddings are a celebration!  Celebrations mean fun.  Regardless of your budget,  keep fun in your focus.