Recording Wedding Guest Congratulations & Advice

Besides providing you with a nice memento of the faces and voices at your wedding, most folks enjoy saying a few words on camera.

Wedding Guests Help Make Your Memories Special

The speeches and toasts at your wedding reception are always recorded and held dear.  Providing your guests with an opportunity to also express themselves is something that I recommend.  Your wedding story should be about more than just your main bridal events and those closest to you.  Think about it.  If a guest was not important to you would they have been invited?  

Few People Are Camera Shy Anymore

The common use of cell phone cameras has made most people accustomed to being part of a video.  For the few who may choose not to say anything, there is no pressure.  But around tables at the reception it usually becomes popular to say something as soon as asked,  “Comments, congratulations, or advice for the bride and groom?”

Giving Congratulations and Advice Is Fun For Most Wedding Guests

A quick congratulations or some serious advice often proceeds a smile.  A humorous comment usually sparks laughter and may start a bit of jokester competition.  Weddings are celebrations. Wedding guests like to have fun!   Watching them have fun on your full length video will entertain you as well, for years to come. 

Time Involved

My preference is to approach wedding guests when they start being seated.  Once the formal reception activities begin it would be too late.  A bit of hustle going around to the tables may continue into the meal if necessary.  With a large wedding of over 200 guests I will usually try to concentrate on the tables nearest the  bridal party, if feasible.