bride and groom exchanging letters and a gift before the wedding ceremony without seeing each other

Activities Before Your Wedding Ceremony

Over the last several years there has been a trend toward later in the day wedding ceremonies.  While some ideas for activities before the ceremony can apply to any ceremony start time, late afternoon or early evening weddings allow more time for your individual choices and creativity to decide how time will be spent before your ceremony.  You can do more than basic personal preparations and before the ceremony photo sessions.  It is your day to make the memories that will matter most for you.

A short list of options might include:

  • First Look Is Not Just For The Groom
  • A Special Time For Exchanging Special Gifts
  • Prepare A List Of Notes And Thoughts For A Time Capsule 

First Look Is Not Just For The Groom

The wedding day is the bride’s time to shine. While all of the bridesmaids are usually with the bride during her basic personal preparations, the maid-of-honor or mother of the bride are often the only helpers for finishing touches like getting into the wedding dress, etc.. This makes first look for the bridesmaids a great first “first look”.

Family members such as brothers of the bride or even groomsmen who are not blood relatives may be next on your list for potential first looks.  

Brides will always be “daddy’s little girl” no matter how old they are. Emotions can often run high.  Tears for both bride and father are not uncommon.

Last but not least, the first look for the groom offers a variety of opportunities for special memories.  A tap on the groom’s shoulder to turn to see his bride, an uncovering of his eyes when instructed to, or a view of his bride rounding a corner to be in full view from a greater distance can all work.  Your ideas and the setting of the venue will all work.  The initial emotions lead to an exchange of memorable comments that always complement your wedding story video.

A Special Time For Exchanging Special Gifts

Whether delivered by the best man to the bride and by the maid-of-honor to the groom, or a hand to hand exchange which may be done from around a corner, an emotional response occurs at gift exchanges.  What kind of gift? Let your creativity and imagination guide your choices.  I have seen physical objects with or without included notes, a groom using the moment to reveal the honeymoon plans, and the bride giving the groom a portfolio of boudoir photos. Whatever you choose will provide smiles and memories to cherish.

Prepare A List Of Notes And Thoughts For A Time Capsule 

Saving some of your ideas and thoughts that brought the two of you together can be a future memory maker and relationship aid.  As a couple you will either grow together or grow apart. Consider reviewing and updating your time capsule on anniversaries or when otherwise needed. Reviewing your ideas from your past may help focus your ideas for the future of your relationship’s growth on a continuing basis.